‚ÄčIt all began in 1989, when Jerry took Beth on a canoeing trip down the Barren Fork River. Jerry proposed in his cabbage field, and Beth agreed that she would marry him after they saved up $10,000. A few months later, Beth asked Jerry how he was doing with his savings. He said, "I've got about $600." She said, "That's close enough."  After marrying, Beth worked as an insurance agent for Farm Bureau and Jerry was a marketing specialist for the State of Tennessee Agriculture Dept.  After three years of living in the city, they decided it was time to move to Jerry's hometown of McMinnville, Tennessee, where they purchased 57 acres on the Barren Fork River. 

In 1997, Jerry became the sales manager for Riverbend Nursery in Thompson Station. Beth began to work part time to be home with their first child, Katie Beth. Jerry was elected to the board of the Tennessee Nursery Association (now Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA)) and served on the Trade Show Committee of the Southern Nursery Association (SNA). In 2000, when their second daughter Emilie was born, Beth became a full time mother and Jerry became the General Manger for Little Creek Nursery in McMinnville. 

In 2002, Jerry and Beth began to contract growing 5,000 three gallon container liners on their farm for Little Creek Nursery. It was at this time, the Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association honored Jerry with the Young Nurseryman of the Year Award.   William, their third and final child was born in October of 2003. In 2005, the SNA recognized Jerry's outstanding industry achievements by awarding him the David E. Laird, Sr. Memorial Award. The year 2011 brought Jerry home full time to handle the blossoming B&B production at Blankenship Farms and Nursery. In 2014, Jerry received the Tennessee Wholesale Nurseryman of the Year from the Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association. 

Today, Blankenship Farms and Nursery grows over 100,000 container-grown shrubs and tree liners of more than 120 varieties, as well as over 150 acres of B&B nursery stock. We invite you to come visit the nursery!