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Blankenship Farms and Nursery started in 2002 with three greenhouses focused on growing a limited variety of oak container liners. Since then, we've grown to have a diverse product mix in both container liners and

B&B field stock.

Beth and Jerry Blankenship dancing at a wedding.
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A Family-Owned Business

In 1993, Beth and Jerry went on a date canoeing the Barren Fork River. Along the ride, they passed the riverbank of what now is Blankenship Farms and Beth said, "I'd love to live on this river". Two years later, Beth's dream became a reality when they purchased and built a home on Blankenship Farms. Jerry and Beth built their first greenhouses in 2003 to provide top grade liners for a local nursery, and Beth fell in love with the industry.


Jerry and Beth have 3 children - Katie Beth, Emilie, and William. Soon after their first liner crop, Beth began working full time on the farm. Her kids joked that she wasn't a "stay at home mom" she was a "stay on the premises mom". Jerry came home to work full time on Blankenship Farms in 2011, and their oldest daughter, Katie Beth, came home to work at Blankenship Farms in 2021. 

Drone image of container liners from above.
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