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Orders  are booked subject to crop growing conditions and the understanding that orders shall be void should injury befall the stock from drought, flood, fire, frost, hail, errors in count or other cause beyond our control. 


Prices are based on current market condition and subject to change without notice. Prices include royalties. All prices are F.O.B. McMinnville, Tennessee. 


To those who have established credit with us, payment is net 30 days. Credit application supplied upon request. To unknown parties, cash security is required. Overdue accounts are subject to a service charge of 2 1/2 % a month. The parties hereto agree that any dispute arising out of the sale of these goods shall be arbitrated exclusively in the Chancery court of Warren County, Tennessee, and the State of Tennessee shall be the forum for any and all litigation that may arise from any sale of goods by the seller. Either party not prevailing in such actions shall be liable to the prevailing party for reasonable attorney fees. 

Credit Cards

Credit Cards may be used; however, payment should be made prior to order being shipped.


Claims  for any cause must be made promptly upon receipt of stock. We will not honor claims after goods have been accepted, or when report is not made within ten days after arrive. 


Blankenship Farms prides itself in exercising the greatest of care in keeping varieties true to name. However, we give no warranty either expressed or implied, as to description, productiveness, or any other matter of the nursery stock we sell. It is mutually agreed that our liability for any errors or other causes is confined to replacement to prior sales or stock and crop condition. Orders shall be void should injury befall our stock from hail, frost, fire, error in count or other causes beyond our control. All orders are accepted without liability for non-performance if labor shortages or delay in transportation should prevent us from making delivery.

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